Welcome to Oakland County Child Care Council E-Learning!


E-Learning makes the high quality training and professional development opportunities we've always provided more convenient and accessible to our many providers!


Our courses are developed by seasoned professionals and designed to meet the needs of providers and caregivers wherever they are around the globe.  Unlike other web-based opportunities, Oakland 4C E-Learning courses offer an active learning experience, allowing you direct communication with your instructor and peers.


E-Learning requires the ability to read and comprehend written material in English, provide written responses to topic discussions and assignments, and some basic computer skills.


Helpful Tips For First Time Users:

Tip #1 Access E-Learning With Ease

You must have access to the internet to participate in your E-Learning course. We recommend you use the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. It’s free, safe, and can be easily downloaded by clicking in the link below.

Mozilla Firefox.com – Click Here!


Tip #2 Make Sure You’ll Have All The Tools You Need

Participation in E-Learning courses requires that you have the ability to view PDF’s and open Microsoft Word Documents. Adobe Acrobat allows you to view PDF’s and can be down loaded for free by clicking the link below.

If you don’t have access to Microsoft Word you can download Open Office for free. You’ll be submitting assignments that must be compatible with Microsoft Word so it’s important that you have the right tools.


Can't view PDF file, download viewer here: Click Here to download PDF viewer

Can't view Word documents: Click here to get Compatibility Pack

Need either Word or Power Point - Visit Microsoft Downloads

Need complete version of a software that is compatibility with Word - Find Open Office Software


If you are registered for a course and wish to sign in, you can enter the site here:

E-Learning Courses

If you’d like to see what an E-Learning course looks like you can click here, and click Log in as a guest to take an E-Learning Orientation course

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